It is the mission of Sierra Commercial Plumbing, Inc. to provide a safe and healthful work place for all it's employees.  It is the intent of Sierra Commercial Plumbing to comply with all government regulations to insure the health and safety of our employees to the best of our ability.  This includes providing ongoing safety training and materials to keep our employees abreast of the latest technology and regulation.  "Safety First" is our company's standard order of the day. 

Sierra Commercial Plumbing has maintained an EMR of less than 1.0 since it's start in 1997.  In the history of the company, we have experienced 60% of our years with a modifier of less than 0.8.  Our current modifier standing is 0.78.  We have over 50 written safety programs including a comprehensive Injury and Illness Prevention Program and a Hazardous Communication Program.   All employees receive a complete safety handbook and copy of our Code of Safety Practices at time of hire.  

All projects receive a Job Hazard Analysis Survey before startup and have a full time CPR/First Aid trained employee on site.  Weekly and Monthly safety inspections are preformed by company officers on each project. 

Sierra and it's employees have proudly received multiple safety awards from our trade associations and general contractors.  The company can proudly say we have had several years with no reported injuries.  We are continually training our employees and upgrading our safety equipment based on the latest standards and job site requirements.  

We at Sierra Commercial Plumbing are proud of our employees’ knowledge, understanding and execution of safety regulations. They have a constant outlook and concern for their safety and that of their fellow workers. This attitude has produced many years of excellent safety records for the company.
— Alan Jenkins, Safety Manager

TRAining programs

  • All management and field supervisors are Fed OSHA and now Cal OSHA 30 Hour trained by an in-house OSHA Construction Outreach Trainer.
  • We offer and encourage 10 hour OSHA training to all employees. 
  • Field Supervisors receive company competent person training in excavation fall protection, confined space and multiple other areas as required.
  • All employees participate in weekly job site safety meetings.
  • Field supervisors receive additional update training during the company monthly office meetings.
  • Any job site task that requires specialized training.
  • Sierra Commercial Plumbing employs a fulltime safety officer and certified OSHA trainer.