With nearly 20 years of experience, Sierra Commercial Plumbing Inc., specializes in full service commercial plumbing and mechanical contracting.  Our expertise encompasses many facets of mechanical and plumbing design, installation and service. A properly installed mechanical or plumbing system can significantly reduce costs while still providing a superior indoor environment. Sierra provides exceptional job quality and performance.

Sierra Commercial Plumbing is signatory to district council sixteen plumbing and pipe fitters union, and a proud member of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America and California Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors Association. 


areas of expertise Include:

Foundation Piping  ŸŸ  |    Waste and Vent Systems    |    Sewage Ejectors including Chemical Waste Systems and Solvent Waste    |    Laboratory Wast Systems    |    Hazard Waste Systems including Water Treatment Systems    |    Special Waste Systems 

Storm Drain Systems   |   Sump Pumps   |   Roof Drain Systems including Area Drainage   |   Emergency Drain Systems   |   Planter Drainage

Domestic Water    |    Industrial Water    |    RO Water    |    Deionized Water    |    Soft Water    

    Water Heater and Storage Tanks 

Air Compressors   |   Medical Air   |   Laboratory Air   |   Compressed Air Systems   |   Instrument Air            Oxygen   |   Vacuum Pumps   |   Vacuum Systems   |   Nitrogen Systems   |   CO2 Systems   |   Nitrous Oxyde Systems   |   Anesthetic Evac Systems 

Crygenic Systems   |   Vacuums Jacketed Systems   |   Oxidizer Systems

Fuel Storage Tanks   |   Fuel Oil Systems   |   Day Tanks   |   Natural Gas   |   Propane Piping Systems  Seismic Support Design